New Classes and Rule Changes for 2017


The IBO Board of Directors held their biannual meeting on Saturday, August 27th and would like to announce the following changes that will occur during the 2017 3D tournament season.


MAH - Money Advanced Hunter - Red stake; AHC rules*

MFO - Money Female Open - Green stake; FBO rules*

MMO - Money Male Open - Blue stake; MBO rules*

MSO - Money Senior Open - Green stake; MSR rules*

BBO - Beginner Bowhunter Open - Red stake; MBO rules

*All money classes will shoot with their peers and have assigned shooting times.  This format will be very similar to the Pro and Semi-Pro format ensuring those who compete for money are competing under the same conditions and are monitored by their peers.  Entry fees for National Level events will be $65 with a 44% payback and will pay 1 place for every 10 shooters.  Entry fees for the World Championship will be $95 with a 41% payback also paying 1 place for every 10 shooters. 

Shooters in Beginner Bowhunter Open (BBO) will be subject to a move-out rule.

Additional information concerning these new classes will be provided in the 2017 IBO Year Book and updated Rule Book.


Shooters in Pro Hunter, Money Advanced Hunter and Advanced Hunter classes will now be allowed to use glue-in points.  Shooters competing in all other Hunter Classes must still use screw-in points.

RU - “A limb mounted draw check or clicker may be used” is being changed to “A clicker is allowed but must not be mounted in the sight window of the riser”.  This change makes the language of the rule the same for both the traditional only and combined event rule books.


Shooters competing in all seven IBO events will be placed in a drawing where seven winners will be drawn for premier prizes and giveaways.  This event will be called “Lucky Seven” and will be drawn at the World Championship to thank and honor those who are loyal IBO participants.



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